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The Wings of the Fleet

Published 1925

A history of the early days of Naval aviation, Wings of the Fleet was made in the mid-1920s. Includes footage of the battleship USS Texas as it became the first warship to launch an aircraft in 1919, early blimp and dirigible tests, and experiments with amphibious aircraft. Some of the craft shown include the dirigible ZR-1, the Shenandoah, the Los Angeles, and the C-7. Seaplanes featured include the PN-9 and the record-breaking NC-4. Various famous aviators are in the film include speed record holder Al Williams, Billy Mitchell, and Italian pilot Locatelli. Aircraft carriers featured in the film include the USS Langley, USS Lexington and the USS Saratoga.

Run time 32 minutes 6 seconds
Producer U.S. Government
Audio/Visual silent, black and white
Language English


Reviewer: RLT - - January 17, 2015
Subject: USS PATOKA (AO-9/ AV-6/ SG-125) USS DOYEN (DD-280) USS SLOAT (DD-316)
From 21:55-22:28 Patoka-class fleet oiler and tender for airships USS Patoka (AO-9/AV-6/AG-125) with 125 foot mooring mast; from 30:30-30:32 Clemson-class destroyer USS Doyen (DD-280) making smoke; and from 30:40-30:42 Clemson-class destroyer USS Sloat (DD-316) making smoke.
Reviewer: Brewers_2150 - - August 25, 2011
Subject: The Wings of the Fleet or a Periscope Commercial?
"The Wings of the Fleet" looks like it would be a great film, but much of the film, including the text, is blocked by the Periscope Films timer. Periscope WAS able to get an ad for themselves through to my screen though.
Periscope, if you are reading this, PLEASE remove that timer from the film so we can see all of it, and read the full text.
I'm skipping the Rating, because I don't think their commercialization of a US Government film should cause it to get low ratings.
Update: It looks like the "optional" rating is now required.